Events – Summit 2014 – Information Builders’ User Conference

Events – Summit 2014 – Information Builders’ User Conference

Registration is now open for the Information Builders User Conference – “Summit 2014”.

The conference will be held June 9-13 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

According to Information Builders:

Each year, about 1,000 industry professionals come to Summit with anticipation – ready to work, prepared to learn, and willing to share what they know. They attend Summit because they understand how important information is to the success of their organization. Join Information Builders at Summit 2014, to find insight and inspiration, and learn the best ways to use your information to innovate your business.

At Summit, you’ll get answers to your questions, see how to resolve issues, and learn how to jumpstart new initiatives. You might hear something – during a session or at breakfast or in a chat in the hall – that completely changes your organization’s relationship with its information.

Come to Summit 2014 to mingle, network, see old friends, and make new ones. And come to have a great time.

Everyone who comes to Summit expects and accepts only the best from each other, and we all try to exceed those expectations.

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